Negotiations Update

Negotiations Update


We have been striving for one Collective Agreement for everyone, but so far this has eluded us. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time.


The Government  denied us Provincial Bargaining, so our Council of Unions decided we would do Coordinated Bargaining. This meant the Council would go to each local when they were bargaining Provincial items. We were not in the same room, but our presence was noted and the goal was to pressure Government into Provincial Bargaining with a lead table as we have done in the past.


Right now it looks like we may get Provincial Bargaining back with a lead table. This is great news for everyone. It puts us that much closer to one contract for ALL!!!!!!!


Our Local status:



We exchanged proposals with our Employer on March 29th 2018.

We met twice after that in May. We had dates scheduled for the summer months which were cancelled by the employer, we didn’t get back to the table until October 10th 11th and again on the 30th.

It was a long stretch with nothing happening, but we are finally making some movement.

We meet again on November 23rd and 27th we also have dates for December in place.


The wage Package is as follows:


April/2015- 0

April/2016- 0

April/2017- 1.5%

April/2018- 1%

March/2019- .5%

April/2019- 1%

March/2020- .5%

April/2020- 1%



They are offering nothing really, Two years with zero and very little after that. Also we are struggling to hold on to what we have now.


It remains to be seen what we will gain this time around but one thing is for sure we will not lose anything that we now enjoy in terms of benefits.


This now brings everyone up to date, I would ask on a go forward basis you attend your membership meetings to keep current on what’s going on with negotiations, if there is an update it will be given at a membership meeting.


In Solidarity

Denise Lewis

President Local 5050