Latest Update

Good Afternoon
The latest update available has already been posted below (see the link from Wendy King) I know there are still lots of unanswered questions. I am in contact with the employer and the Council of Unions daily and when there is something new to report it will be posted here.
Everyone is working diligently to make this process work and even though we have 7 centers in the Council some have different contract language which adds to the frustration. The most recent questions that I am getting are concerning Bus Garages and casuals that have been in a position for awhile.
So in speaking with Wendy this morning our bus garages are open because that is the directive that the employer was given, that could change at any time.
They also are working on figuring out who has to be considered for pay in terms of casuals.
Also Central office is open as is Operations and Staff Development.
I ask for your patience and understanding as we go through this together. Council of Unions and the employer are in constant contact with Government and passing along information as it is being given.
Let’s not lose sight of the goal in all of this which is to keep ourselves and those around us healthy, please follow the directions given by Health Canada to ensure we all come out on the other side of this.
You can contact any member of your Executive and myself with any questions or concerns. If we don’t have the answer we will try to find it for you.
Be safe
Wash your hands!!!