Update April 15, 2020

Hello everyone, just checking in I hope all are doing well.
Just want to recap a few things:
Those of us that are off and being paid.
This is a paid work from home leave which means a couple of things.
First we do not qualify for the emergency EI fund, If you applied for this and received it you will have to pay it back.
If you normally have a claim open while working there is no change in the way you file that claim.
Because we are technically still working you claim your hours and your money as you normally would.
Secondly because you are being paid til May 1st you must be available to our employer for your normal working hours. You could be called to work at these hours as long as you are being paid for them. Example if your hours are from 8 to 4 then you must be available in that time frame if called to work.
Again I would like to mention our EAP program. This is a help line that you can call to talk to someone for almost any issues you may be experiencing during this time or anytime. It is 100% confidential and has proven to be very helpful to our members and their families in the past. 1- 877 – 418 – 2181
These are unprecedented times for us all. Together we will get through it. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes on our behalf from CUPE, CBVRCE, COUNCIL OF UNIONS AND THE GOVERNMENT.
And as always myself and your Executive are available for any questions or concerns you may have.
Stay home
Stay well