Update April 18, 2020

Hi everyone I hope all are safe and well.
The following is the latest update I have.
Starting next week we will see a gradual return to work. Some of it will continue to be from home and some will be on site.
All safety protocols from Public Health will be followed as well as the extra safety measures the employer has put in place. This gradual return to work with these measures in place have been approved by Occupational Health and Safety as well as Public Health.
Personal protective equipment will be available at all sites and will be replenished as needed.
Custodians will be back for their regular 8 hour shifts.
Technology work will be split between on site and working from home, number of days a week yet to be determined.
Bus garages will reopen for Bus maintenance.
Trades and Maintenance will be doing small projects on site.
Some classifications will be receiving emails to go online from home. (work from home)
Cleaners may be called in for scrubbing and stripping of floors, no date determined yet.
Please be mindful of all the precautions put in place ie 6 ft apart, washing hands, using any personal protective equipment deemed necessary etc.
As always CUPE, CBVRCE, National Reps and Council of Unions are working together with the Government for the safety of all of us but everyone has to do their part and follow the directives set out for everyone’s protection.
Stay Safe