Update April 24, 2020

Good Morning everyone
By now Cleaners have received an email from the employer informing you we are going back to work on Monday.
Start time will be 12 noon so that you can speak to your custodian for direction.
There is no Personal Protective Equipment needed other then what you always used to do your job, however the protocols put in place by Public Health MUST be followed.
Staying 6 ft apart, washing hands etc.
If a task requires 2 people to carry out and you can’t do that and still be 6 ft apart it will not be done.
During break time and lunch time you MUST sit 6 ft apart.
If there is someone in your building NOT following the protocols in place you need to contact your supervisor immediately.
If you share a hallway with another cleaner start at opposite ends, if you share a closet use it one at a time unless it’s big enough to be 6 ft apart etc.
Please be kind to each other and be mindful you may be working with someone who has underlying health issues.
We need to work together to keep us all safe.
Any questions or concerns call me and we will work it out together 902 574 1380