Update May 5, 2020

Hi everyone
As you know this time of year we are getting ready to do staffing.
Because of Covid-19 we are unable to come together to do this so the employer is working on rolling this out electronically. Here is what I know so far.
It will be done using our “gnspes” email. All information that you need to know will be contained in an email.
There will be a Voluntary List and ALL  vacancies will be listed including all fall downs. You can apply online and you will also apply for any fall downs you are interested in, please list your fall downs in terms of preference starting with the one you want the most and if it’s in a particular school.
If you apply for a job and you are successful you will HAVE to take it, you CANNOT change your mind. So please don’t apply for anything you are not prepared to take.
If the fall down you applied for is a 60% position you will be contacted to make sure you are aware of this should you not want a 60% position. Other then that you will be placed in the job your seniority gets you.
The Forced list will roll out as per usual.
Centre wide posting. Anyone can apply on this, you will have to list your seniority and your qualifications, so if you are crossing classifications you need to list your qualifications as the employer would not be aware of this. Also there will be testing in this case.
As I mentioned before your (gnspes) email is how the employer will communicate this as well as any other information so everyone needs to make sure that the email is up and running and that you check it often, If you are having issues with accessing it please call the Help Desk for assistance at 902 562 6868
These are trying times but we still have to find a way to get the work done, I ask for your patience and understanding as we work through this together. This process is not finalized yet but rest assured you will have all of the information you will need to get through it.
Stay safe