Update May 14, 2020

Hi everyone
This update is concerning the announcement that Teachers, Parents or Students can access the schools to retrieve their belongings that were left behind when they were shut down.


I have received many phone calls on this matter, concerns over how it was going to work, who was going to be coming in and of course the fear of what might happen as far as this virus goes.

I want to start by saying all of the classifications that are currently in the workplace are there because Public Health has approved this as well as Occupational Health and Safety.

As you know we the Union or the Employer and I guess no one has any experience with something of this magnitude
and the plans for a go forward are changing by the minute, which brings me to the next plan involving access to the schools which I mentioned above.

Beginning next week ONLY STAFF will be able to access the schools by appointment only.

Student and or Parent access will not begin until after June 5th again by appointment only, because the end of the school year for students is not until then.

This may involve Secretaries coming in along with Admin to facilitate the appointments etc.
It will also mean changes to the cleaners hours until it is completed.
Cleaners are advised to call their managers to see what the hours will be in their building until this process is finished.
As always reach out to your Executive for any questions or concerns.

Stay safe, follow the rules
Be kind to each other