Hi everyone
Hope all is well

Just a couple of things

First i would like to say Thank you to all the members who are currently working onsite.
It was a bit daunting for all of us that were called back to our sites as opposed to working from home. I totally get the fear as I have it myself as one of those called back.
The feedback I am getting is that it is going very well. Of course there are a few bumps along the way as is the case with anything.
Overall things are progressing and as your President it is always a great feeling to hear the praise of our members, we work hard and are deserving of it all so GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!

Next I would like to talk about job postings and the Employment Portal.
By now you have all recieved an email on this.

So the Lead ECE list was posted and a list of the successful candidates will be posted soon.

The TA list will be posted on Monday June 1st

Summer work will also be posted next week.

All jobs will be posted online and the way to apply is by using the Employment Portal.

To access the portal you will need your gnspes email address and your employee number.

You will need to make a profile but it only takes a couple of minutes.

I cannot express enough the importance of having your gnspes email set up. This is how the employer will communicate with employees for important information, job postings etc.

For help with your gnspes email contact the Help Desk at 902 562 6868

For help with setting up your profile on the Employment Portal email Michelle MacLeod

As always you can reach out to your Executive with questions or concerns.

Stay safe
Follow the rules
Be kind to each other