Summer work etc

Hi everyone, hope all is well

The list of successful applicants for Summer work is now posted in the Employment Portal.

Also we had our membership meeting on Sunday June 14th via Zoom. Unfortunately we did not have a quorum so we were unable to do any business. Our next meeting is scheduled for October right now i don’t know what that looks like but all info on it will be posted here.

If there is a member hospitalized for a week or more a Fruit basket will be sent to them. You have to let someone on the Executive know.

Still no word on what will happen in September, again as soon as i know i will post here.

Lastly i have been trying to find a way to communicate with all members at the same time, similar to what we have now with the employer in terms of an email. I wanted a 5050 email for everyone but it seems that is not doable, what i have come up with is a way for everyone to fill in their email info to us and only us, Cupe National does not have access to it just 5050. This will be done by filling out the info on our website using an email you already have and check now so there will be no new email to check.We really need a way to communicate with everyone so that we all stay informed and in the loop and also if there is important info to get out i need a way to do that. Negotiations will be starting soon as an example and we will need to get info out to all members. When i get it set up i will post here and i urge you all to fill out your email info so you don’t miss out.

Stay Safe
Follow the rules
Be kind to each other