Roe’s/Ei questions

Hi everyone hope all is well and you are enjoying this weather

Just a couple of things:

I have received some phone calls concerning opening an EI claim at the end of June when we are laid off.
Some members are concerned when they apply that they will be automatically put on the CERB.
I’ve looked into this with the employer and unfortunately this is an EI issue. Outside of maybe a few casuals there isn’t anyone that works for the CBVRCE that is entitled to this.
Hopefully EI will do a regular claim for everyone as this is our normal lay off that happens every year. I know trying to reach them on the phone is impossible but we just have to wait and see how it will roll out.

Also i have been advised by the employer that there will be NO RETURN TO WORK DATE on our ROE this year. The reason for this is because right now no one knows what is going to happen come September with the reopening of schools.
Fingers crossed they will reopen, again another wait and see scenario.

Stay safe
Follow the rules
Be kind to each other