Hi everyone, hope all is well.

I am posting today because i know there is alot of concern out there among the membership concerning September.

I have had many phone calls and emails about this because everyone is worried as am I. My response to all that contacted me was that i don’t know right now what will happen come September.

I have been updating this website from day one and passing along any and all information as it comes to me so that we can all be on the same page. If i had an inside track on what’s going to happen in September you can bet everyone would know about it.

The reason my response is that i don’t know the answer is because at this point no one knows the answer.

Will we be paid if we don’t return in September, what about the 195 days and what about my benefits etc. These are all valid points and concerns for all of us, problem is that none of that stuff has been worked out yet. It takes time as you know.

Susan Kelley put out a statement today on the CBVRCE facebook page saying this exact thing. Committees are being formed which we will have a say in as well as other agencies and she states that they are hoping for a plan for reopening by the end of July.

This plan has to be approved by Public Health as was the case for all of the plans so far.

Please know we are on top of this and doing all we can to get the answers that we all need, the last thing we need with everything else going on is an uncertain future.

Having said all of that it is going to take some time to work this out so please try to be patient and hopefully we will return to work in September as usual and this will be behind us.

My number is 574 1380 you can always call me as i have said many times, as well there are 2 other numbers you can also call 574 1381 and 574 1382.

Until a plan is proposed there is not much we can do. When that plan is released to us we will then take any necessary action that is required.

I hope this will put you at ease a little, knowing that you are not alone in your concerns and worries and that we are working on it.

Stay safe
Follow the rules
Be kind to each other