School Secretary Postings

Job Posting:  School Secretary positions

Rate of Pay: $22.52 per hour

Work Term: 10 Month Regular

Hours of Work: Vary according to the position.  Please see the individual position posting for details.

PLEASE NOTE the following important instructions when applying:

1.   ALL CUPE employees are eligible to apply for these positions.  Positions will be filled on the following basis:

  • Firstly, qualified regular employees on the basis of seniority
  • Secondly, qualified casual employees in the classification on the basis of preference
  • Thirdly, other qualified applicants

3.  Any Applicants seeking to change classifications must meet all posted requirements for the position. Testing will be required for applicants seeking to change classifications. Applicants may be required to undergo testing in the areas of typing/timing, business English and composition, word-processing, spreadsheets and database management/manipulation to indicate the required level of competency.  Applicants must reach the level of competency normally required for employment by CBVRCE in this classification.

4.  Your resume and/or Education and Experience must clearly indicate how you meet the requirements for the positions.  You can update your Education and Experience and upload your resume by clicking on the Modify Your User Account button on the Home page.  Copies of all required certificates/diplomas must be provided.  Applicants outside the School Secretary or Secretary 1 classification who do not provide a resume and/or information on their Education and Experience will not be considered.

5.  If applying for multiple positions, you must assign a preference ranking to each position for which you are applying.  Your preference ranking and your seniority will determine which position you are assigned. Failure to accurately fill out your preference ranking may result in assignment to a position that is not the most preferred position available to you on the basis of your seniority.  After applying for positions, click on the Active Applications button to assign your preference rankings.

6.   All available School Secretary positions, including vacancies caused by transfers to posted positions that become available (falldown positions), will be filled in this posting. Accordingly, falldown positions are posted for each school.  These positions will be filled only in the event that a falldown position at that school becomes available.  If you are interested in falldown positions that may become available at a particular school, you must apply for that falldown position and rank it in preference along with any applications you are submitting for posted positions.

7.  Applicants who meet the qualifications and pass required testing will be automatically awarded the most preferred position they are able to obtain based on their seniority.  Applicants will not be contacted to determine whether they want a particular position and therefore should not apply for any positions which they are not willing to accept.

Please note that these positions are subject to a Collective Agreement with CUPE Local 5050 which may be accessed at:



  • A diploma from a secretarial training institution or three years recent experience as a school secretary/secretary 1 with the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education.
  • Recent work experience with word processing, spreadsheets, and database computer programs.
  • Ability to perform a variety of secretarial duties.
  • Significant experience in creating, maintaining, and supporting databases using Excel and Power School.
  • Strong technical knowledge of Powerschool, Google Apps for Education, School Cash Online/KEV Microsoft Word, Excel/Quattro Pro, SAP, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Innovative and creative with respect to utilizing technology to facilitate the processing of increasingly large volumes of information.
  • Ability to establish and maintain accurate distribution lists for email correspondence.
  • Strong interpersonal skills are an asset.

JOB DESCRIPTION: School Secretary

  • Perform reception duties which include answering the telephone, greeting visitors and the general public, handling staff, student and public inquiries presenting a positive image of the school when dealing with students, teachers and the general public;
  • Type all school correspondence, reports, and documentation correspondence and sort and distribute incoming mail;
  • Handle money from global school funds and student funds and to keep accurate accounts and banking for the same in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures;
  • Record and submit absences and attendances for employees at their site;
  • Input and access information from the student information system under the direction of school administration and generate related reports and documentation as required;
  • Compile reports and statistics as required by the principal, school board office, and the Department of Education;
  • Compile bulk orders for school needs and assist in the preparation of orders including school book bureau orders;
  • Other related duties as assigned