Lead Early Childhood Educator positions

Job Posting: Lead Early Childhood Educator positions

Rate of Pay: $24.15 per hour

Work Term:  10 month Regular

Hours of Work:  7 hours per day

ALL CUPE employees are eligible to apply for these positions.  Interviews and testing may be required for candidates who meet the qualifications.  Positions will be awarded to the applicants with the greatest required qualifications, experience, skills and ability as determined in the interview/testing process.

PLEASE NOTE the following important instructions when applying:

1.  Your resume and/or Education and Experience must clearly indicate how you meet the requirements for the positions.  You can update your Education and Experience and upload your resume by clicking on the Modify Your User Account button on the Home page.  Copies of all required certificates/diplomas will be required. Applicants who do not provide a resume and/or information on their Education and Experience will not be considered.

2. If applying for multiple positions, you must assign a preference ranking to each position for which you are applying.  Failing to accurately fill out your preference ranking may result in assignment to a position that is not the most preferred position available to you on the basis of your qualifications and placement in the competition.  After applying for positions, click on the Active Applications button to assign your preference rankings.

3. All available Lead ECE positions, including vacancies caused by transfers to posted positions that become available (falldown positions), will be filled in this posting. Accordingly, falldown positions are posted for all relevant schools.  These positions will be filled only in the event that a falldown position becomes available.  If you are interested in falldown positions, you must apply for the falldown posting for that school and rank it in preference along with any applications you are submitting for posted positions.


The Lead Early Childhood Educator must meet the following requirements:

  • ECE Level 3 (Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from a recognized post-secondary institution) and
  • A minimum of 3 years of recent experience working with young children (ages birth to six) in a Pre-primary setting; OR
  • ECE level 2 (2-year Early Childhood Education Diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution) and
  • A minimum of 5 years of recent experience working with young children (ages birth to six) in a Pre-Primary setting.
  • Experience in a leadership role in early childhood development.
  • In-depth understanding of child growth and development and demonstrated knowledge and experience using a play-based pedagogy and child-centred, developmentally appropriate practices;
  • Ability to translate theory and best practices into action in early childhood settings.
  • Experience with developmentally appropriate observation, documentation and authentic assessment strategies
  • Experience working with children and families with diverse cultural backgrounds, experiences, and developmental needs.
  • Ability to create inclusive and responsive early learning environments that support the diverse and special needs of all children;
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills
  • Computer skills suitable for report writing and internet research/applications; and
  • Valid Standard First Aid
  • Clear Criminal Record (Vulnerable Sector) and Child Abuse Registry Checks.


Working with the Pre-Primary Program Manager and the Principal, the Lead Early Childhood Educator (LECE) will bring a leadership role to the Pre-Primary Program Team.  The LECE will work cooperatively with all ECE staff, family members, community-based professionals, and service providers, such as Developmental Intervention to introduce children into the culture of school ensuring a supportive and secure learning environment for young children who attend the Pre-Primary Program.

The LECE along with the Support Early Childhood Educator (SECE), will be responsible to create and maintain an engaging learning environment based on the children’s knowledge and interests.  The environment will be one in which children are encouraged to explore and create new knowledge through their experiences and social interactions with others.  The LECE will use evidenced-based practices and professional judgment to ensure the learning environment is focused on the holistic development and overall well-being of the children.  The LECE will be responsible for implementing the Pre-primary Program using the Nova Scotia Early Learning Curriculum Framework, all other policies and best practices as determined by EECD including the Continuous Quality Improvement process.

The LECE be an active member of the school team reporting to the Pre-Primary Program Manager and will work collaboratively with the Pre-Primary Program Manager and school principal to ensure the development, assessment and consistent delivery of a high quality early learning experience for children attending the Pre-Primary program.

Key Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of the LECE include, but are not limited :

  • along with the Pre-Primary Program Manager, collaborating with the ECE to provide direction, clarify job functions, classroom management and procedures that will set the stage for a positive environment.
  • creating an inviting, active and dynamic learning environment that supports and includes all children;
  • delivering developmentally appropriate and engaging programming that is responsive to the interests and cultural needs of the children and community.
  • observing, assessing and documenting children’s developmental progress;
  • acting as the primary point of contact with families and facilitates family, caregiver and community involvement in the program;
  • welcoming and have open communication with families and caregivers regarding their children’s experiences and the program offered;
  • reflecting children’s lives in ongoing displays and celebrations throughout the year;
  • providing timely identification of and responses to children and families in need of additional supports and services and partners with community-based providers to ensure that children’s individual developmental needs are addressed within the context of the Pre-Primary program.
  • with guidance and input from the Pre-Primary Program Manager, writing transition plans for children requiring additional supports in preparation for entry into primary.
  • supporting children’s development with materials and resources that focus on emergent literacy and numeracy skills, in particular – play-based skills, social-emotional skills and gross and fine motor development.
  • demonstrating an understanding of young children’s characteristics and needs, and of the multiple interacting influences on children’s development and learning, when they are in the presence of a welcoming, inclusive early learning program;
  • demonstrating an understanding of appropriate behavior guidance strategies for young children; implements them while consideration of School Board and EECD policies and procedures
  • working with the Pre-Primary Program Manager and Principal to ensure the Pre-Primary students are welcomed and a part of the school community.
  • knowledge of the food and nutrition guidelines and responsibilities for providing nutritious snacks
  • leading the day to day management of the classroom including organizing all daily programming supports for students, organizing special events and extra-curricular activities.
  • participating in a comprehensive, ongoing evaluation of the Pre-Primary Program via the Continuous Quality Improvement process.
  • other duties as assigned.

Please note that these positions are subject to a Collective Agreement with CUPE Local 5050 which may be accessed here: